Schmidt Progressive's strength lies in its responsiveness to design, engineering and manufacturing display fixtures for the supermarket, bakery, concession, food service, and floral industries.  In addition to the complete line of products showcased on this site, Schmidt Progressive also provides custom molding of OEM products in the veterinary, construction, and municipal service fields.

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The innovative leader in molded fiberglass display fixtures for over 50 years, Food Furniture now consists of over 125 models of tables, step units, floral, bakery, platforms, ice carts and other accessories.  These items are available in our standard colors, special granite finishes, or we will color match to any solid color. 

Style - The classic design of all units provide consistent decor and department uniformity with complete interchangeability.  This permits more flexible merchandising, innovative displays, and an attractive department - leading to more sales and higher profits.

Value - Setting aside such intangibles as increased sales created by a more attractive decor, fiberglass displays endure the test of time as they hold their original beauty with very little labor cost to maintain.  Cleanliness is evident to both your customers and the health departments.

New Products - We are always looking for new product ideas.   Please contact us regarding custom displays.  Many of our new products were created in just this way.  Look through our pages for NEW ITEMs

Specification Sheets and Manufacturer List Pricing  is now available in Adobe Acrobat format on this website.  To display/print a specification sheet, click on the product descriptions located throughout the site or go to the Pricing and Specifications page listed in the table of contents.

This website has been created to showcase our product line and communicate information to our customers.   If you have any suggestions on how we may enhance this site to better meet your needs, please forward your comments to