Comfort Bench™

"The look of granite that's soft on the budget"

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Well designed site landscaping deserves the custom enhancement of our Comfort Bench™.  High gloss surface, simulating polished granite, available in 7 premium finishes, our bench, while lightweight, is rugged, heavy duty and easy to maintain.  Suitable for either an interior or exterior applications.


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Fashion Gray Granite
Terracotta Granite
Fashion Gray Granite

Parks, schools, golf courses, cemeteries and municipalities all benefit from our maintenance free Comfort Bench™.  Made of fiberglass, this bench is waterproof, rust proof, and won't stain paving, carpets or floors.  Granite finished fiberglass is attractive, easy to clean and won't crumble, rot or attract pests like other materials.


Model No.
Est Weight
4' Comfort Bench™ CB4 48" 28" 33" 75#
5' Comfort Bench™ CB5 60" 28" 33" 85#

6' Comfort Bench™

CB6 72" 28" 33" 95#
4' Flat Comfort Bench™ CBF4 48" 28" 18" 65#
5' Flat Comfort Bench™ CBF5 60" 28" 18" 75#
6' Flat Comfort Bench™ CBF6 72" 28" 18" 85#